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Consultation Fees

TCS is a registered charitable trust offering confidential counselling at an affordable cost. The service relies mainly on donations from clients to pay for the running costs which include accommodation, administrative costs, full and proper training for our counsellors and ensuring the highest level of clinical supervision.

Each counselling session costs over £50/hr to provide so we look to our clients to make donations towards these costs. We do not make a profit from our services and will never turn away anyone who is unable to pay. Some clients will be able to donate more than others and we recognise this. Following the initial assessment, if you decide to proceed, the counsellor will ask you to consider the amount that you can donate in respect of counselling sessions. The amount can be re-negotiated as necessary taking into account changes in circumstances.

TCS is registered for GiftAid which gives us added income from donations made by UK taxpayers. Please let your counsellor know if you would like to support us with a GiftAid declaration.

Grants and Donations

As a charity we receive grants and donations from larger organisations and from individuals. These generous gifts enable TCS to keep our fees as low as possible in order to offer our services to anyone in need of support.

We would especially like to thank the following organisations for their support:

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